#21507, Race for the Treasure: Storyline Game

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Use and edit this template in Articulate Storyline. The .storytemplate file loads directly into the Template Library in Storyline.

• Number of questions (up to 20)
• Collect the gold before the pirate does. Select different gold piles, answer the question. If you get it right you gain the gold if you get it wrong you loose the gold.
• Simple to use and easy to modify
• Easily change colors and branding
• SCORM compliant

Software Requirements:
• Articulate Storyline 1
• Articulate Storyline 2

Versions / Updates:
• Version 1.2 - Released 16 Sep. 2014- Optimized for SL2
• Version 1.1 - 14 Feb. 2014 Updated: Added intro audio. Fixed treasure chest resizing after question 6. Fixed audio looping over and over throughout the game.
• Version 1.0 - Released 13 Feb. 2014

Questions / Support:

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