#17979, Squares Bottom: Lectora Interaction

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This is an Lectora title file. Open and edit in Lectora.

• HTML Output.
• Number of squares (up to 12)
• Simple to use and easy to modify.

System Requirements:
• Lectora V11
• 948x530 design to work best with Lectora theme templates

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Versions / Updates:
• Version 1.3 - Released 10 Mar. 2014.
• Version 1.2 - Released 18 Dec. 2013 - Fixed text font sizes.
• Version 1.1 - Released 26 Sept. 2013. - Updated click alerts to be behind the button.
• Version 1.0 - Released 11 Sept. 2013.

10 Mar. 2014: Notes
• Renamed image assets to allow more than one interaction to be used in the same title.

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